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Welcome to the Wiki page for information on Getting HawkBoard to Work for You and not the reverse. This is an unofficial guide for beginners and is based on our experiences of working with [WWW]HawkBoard as target environment for development of medical signal applications at Medical Imaging and PACS Laboratory, [WWW]School of Medical Science and Technology, [WWW]Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, India.


About the HawkBoard
Unboxing the HawkBoard
Connecting Accessories
Advance Developer Resources

Step-by-Step Wizardry

  1. Host Machine Setup for Development

  2. Mounting Linux RootFS

  3. Preparing SD Card / USB Drive

  4. Network Settings

  5. OPKG

  6. Remote C/C++ Development

About HawkBoard

[WWW]Hawkboard is an embedded processing platform based on [WWW]Texas Instruments [WWW]OMAP L 138 (ARM 926 + C674X floating point DSP). The platform is designed and marketed by [WWW]Innovate Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Processor Specifications

Board Specifications

Unboxing the HawkBoard

On unboxing the HawkBoard, you come up with

Connecting Accessories

You will require the following accessories to assist your HawkBoard communicate with the external Host Development computer and host

  1. 5V / 2 Amps (min) DC Power Supply

  2. Null Modem Cable

  3. Powered USB Hub

  4. Ethernet Cable

  5. SD Card (2 GB or more) + SD Card Reader / USB Pen Drive (2 GB or more)

Advance Developer Resources

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